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SmartMove Conveyors custom manufactures solid surface work station conveyor systems that are safe, clean and efficient, with any combination of available configurations such as: short line, long line, multi level, weigh scale, batch counting, spacing or carousel.

SmartMove’s automation technology is ready to customize your product line at no extra charge. Experts in efficiencies, we will have a quick solution for your assembly/packaging problems. SmartMove’s modular conveyors are plug-in-play. No maintenance, clean, quiet, efficient ESD plastic conveyors are a quick simple solution for your daily packaging or assembly needs.



Multi-Lane Conveyor with Kawasaki Robotics

A “carousel-style” recirculating conveyor system allows product to change direction on the belt.

Our Conveyors

Modular Conveyors

SmartMove Conveyors makes all of its conveyors to customer specifications. Expanding an existing system is easy, simply add new components. No need for technicians or installers.

Portable Conveyors

Conveyors may be purchased with casters, allowing easy repositioning or moving of the conveyor. The high efficiency 25-Watt drive plugs in to a standard 120V wall outlet.

Safe Conveyors

SmartMove Conveyors protect operators from injury with unique snap-link belting that acts like a fuse to separate during overloads or jams.


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