Robotic Interface Conveyor Systems Manufactured By Smartmove®

Smartmove® manufactures custom modular conveyors, complete with any and all accessories needed to adapt perfectly to a robotic manufacturing, assembly or packaging process. Typical uses of SmartMove® Conveyors with robotic systems include:

  • Infeed
  • Outfeed
  • Pick & Place 
  • Carousel (recirculating)
  • Indexing
  • Packaging
  • Assembly

conveyor systems that interface with robotics

Custom engineering by expert SmartMove® technicians is the key to enabling a conveyor to interface with various robotic functions like assembly and packaging. SmartMove® Conveyors allow for further automation of processes that were formerly labor intensive. Robotic automation conveyors eliminate the possibility of human error in certain operations that require great precision or high speed repetition of motion. Our variable speed plastic chain belt modular conveyors are ideal for bringing product to and from robot cells with precise timing and speed.

Over-Under Robot cell infeed system allows for a “lights-out” operation. Lane dividers are adjustable and removable. They can be wired with sensors or non-sensors. Belting type varies from snap link to machine shop heavy duty pinned systems. The Over-Under SmartMove Conveyor systems are a smart solution for the CNC machine tool industry.​ Robots are not included but can be interfaced with the SmartMove Conveyors due to the dry contacts.

Heavy machine shop conveyor systems are available with Heavy High Performance pinned belting. Please note the max weight of the product being conveyed when requesting a quote to determine the correct belting type for your “Over-Under” SmartMove Conveyor.

Conveyors can be made as small as 3″ wide for smaller part conveyance. Please see our “Little Conveyor” page. These Smart Conveyors that interface with robots are not only used for the machine and tool industry. The Smart Conveyors are frequently used for packaging, food, automotive and medical applications on a daily basis for a “lights out” process. Notice, the adjustable overhead lane dividers. “Multi-Lanes” or belts can be placed within one frame of the SmartMove Conveyor allowing for a “switch back” or “accumulation” of product.

Get a SmartMove®  robotic conveyor system to complete your automation operation, to save space, time and to eliminate labor costs.

Photos of Robotic Interface Conveyors

Videos of Robotic Interface Conveyors

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