Belting Types



Standard Belting

Ribbed Belting


Flat ESD Belting

flat electro static dissipative belting

Brush ESD Belting


Detachable Flights


AccumulationAccumulation Belting – Rollers

Low friction belting-optimized to accumulate and lineonvey cases, cartons, totes and multi-packs in various materials including cardboard, lithographed cardboard, plastic, paper, fiberglass and shrink wrap. The new, high density roller design produces a more stable accumulating surface to accumulate your product with no damage to the package surface.

High density roller design produces a more stable accumulating surface to accumulate your product with no damage to the package surface.

flat topFlat Top Pinned Belting

For heavy loads: high performance pins for higher speeds and longer wear life.

Closed hinge design is ideal for container handling and decreases pin wear and chain elongation.

These highest quality of products improve energy, reduce waste, improve safety and deliver a dependable product for operation. Our design engineers provide the expert advise to optimize your specific application.

Food belting – FDA and USDA approved belting.

cooling beltingCooling belting 20% open – Great for food applications.

Specially formulated proprietary blend of nylon ideal for tough, fryer and oven discharge conveyors

• Minimizes material degradation and brittleness ensuring long chain life
• Can withstand contact temperatures up to 350° F (180° C)
• Will self extinguish per the UL 94 V-2 Standard when the source of ignition or flame is removed
• FDA approved
• Can increases chain life up to 3 times over other materials
• Chains are supplied with polyester pins as standard and stainless steel pins as made-to-order for improved chain rigidity and wear resistance
• Variety of pusher attachments are available
• Positive pin retention systems for easy installation and maintenance

rubber finalRubber Top Belting

High Friction belting designed for incline and decline conveyors. Used for secure handling. Maintains pack spacing and prevents package skewing during conveyor transfer. FDA approved materials, pusher attachment available, self-cleaning. No lubrication needed.






Cooling belt2Custom belting – for any application.

Let our experts decide which belting would be most appropriate for your application. Many belts for different applications are readily available and interchangeable which makes SmartMove Conveyors the most modular conveyor on the market today.


If you don’t see a particular belt you may be looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask our consultants.

Photos of Belting Types

Videos of Belting Types


21%  opening, pinned belting,  180 Degrees Fahrenheit dry 150 deg Fahrenheit wet, chain strength 2000 per foot, FDA approved to FDA 21 CFR 177 (used for cooling and washdown)
High temp white pinned belting, 220 deg Fahrenheit dry, 212 deg Fahrenheit wet, chain strength 1080 lbs per foot, FDA approved to FDS 21 CFR 177
Rubber Top High Friction Pinned belting, self cleaning, chain strength 920 lbs per foot
Low temp pinned belting 100 deg Fahrenheit max, 80 deg Fahrenheit wet, chain strength 800 lbs per foot, FDA approved to FDA 21 CFR 177 (used for food application for flash freezing)
High performance pinned belting with low backline pressure rollers, 180 de Fahrenheit dry, 150 deg Fahrenheit wet, chain strength 775 lbs, FDA approved to FDA CFR 177
RX-HP8505 High Performance (HP) Pinned Belt, internally lubricated acetal, Brown, Sold Per foot. HP materials can reduce wear up to 40% over plain acetal and 25% over low friction acetal. 180 deg fahrenheit dry, 150 deg fahrenheit wet, Chain Strength 2000 lbs per foot, FDA approved to FDA 21 CFR 177.


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