ESD Soft Belting – 90 Degree Turn Conveyor | by SmartMove®

90 degree turn ESD conveyor

SmartMove® ESD Conveyors Keep Circuit Boards Cool

90 degree turns need to be smooth and gentle with circuit boards. Here’s why a SmartMove® ESD conveyor is your best option:

  • The ESD soft belting allows the board to slide smoothly with enough grip to turn even the most fragile board.
  • SmartMove® ESD conveyors have cooling tunnels, gradient coolers and cooling belts.
  • 90 Degree conveyor experts. For your circuit board, trust no one else for a safe conveyance around corners.
  • SmartMove® has the most efficient motor/controller package on the market today. The stainless locking casters can be lagged if necessary.

Leading the Industry for 90 Degree Turn Conveyors

​SmartMove® Conveyors excel at handling 90-degree turns, whether they’re tiny as a shoelace eyelet or expansive like a carpet. Our versatility in accommodating various applications sets us apart as the industry leader in conveyor systems with 90-degree turns. If you’re curious whether SmartMove® Conveyors align with your process, send us samples—we’d love to prove our capabilities!​

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