Fast Counting Box Filling - Packaging Conveyor System

Box Filler Conveyor

Batch counting and box filling at its best. The little conveyor becomes the most important machine at that point- 1 operator & this long line conveyor will take the place of several people on the line. Set the count, place the boxes on the little line conveyor and watch it work. This counting conveyor is very useful when the rate of flow is faster than 100 parts per min. Keeping in mind it can handle many parts per minute due to the box line up. When your line should be running faster but your operators can’t keep up with the count. This Fast Counting-Boxing Conveyor can do the job of 3 employees. Where once it took man power now it takes SmartMove® power.

Smart Modular Conveyors

Safe Conveyors, efficient conveyors, little conveyors, modular conveyors and smart conveyors are all what SmartMove® Conveyors are about. If you have a challenging task that may take 3 or more people and need to increase your production, give SmartMove® Conveyor a call to discuss the task and goal at hand.

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