Circulating Conveyor - Multiple Lane System

multi lane circulating carousel conveyor

Multi Lane Conveyors Increase Productivity

Accumulation is not only for slow items waiting in the cue. The Carousel conveyor is fast moving without a hiccup. The parts move around the corners easily and effectively so assembly workers or robots can collect them, parts can cure and  keep consistency. This Multi-Lane Conveyor runs at 250 FPM. Multi-Lanes Conveyors can be different sizes and run at different speeds. Carousel Conveyors can be built inside robot cells and interfacing is possible due to dry contacts within the control box. The advantage of Carousel Conveyors is that they continue the flow while items are being assembled, dryed or cooled. ​Carousel Conveyors are also called Accumulation Conveyors because the product accumulates as it circulates. This process is particularly helpful when assembly does not have to be done immediately and can be completed in stages. The stage of assembly or the wait/cue is the accumulation. 

​SmartMove® Carousel, Accumulation and Multi-Lane Conveyors can be built with several lanes. One, two, three or four… Let SmartMove build your custom conveyor today. Call: 800.581.2876 or click here to order your SmartMove® Conveyor system now.


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