Quality Control Conveyor - Accumulation - Order Fulfillment


SmartMove® Conveyors will create your custom conveyor to do just about anything. Our little conveyor company will ask you what your process is. We will then make a recommendation as to how to best utilize or streamline your process using a SmartMove® Conveyor System.  Automating your process  using Smart Conveyors will save you time and money whether it be for QC, assembly, packaging, counting or just conveying. Accumulation Conveyors and Food Delivery Conveyors have been on the uprise in the last 3 months due to COVID-19 “personal space” compliance guidelines.

Long Lines or Short Lines these Pharmaceutical Conveyors are used not only as an Assembly Conveyor or Fulfillment Conveyor. This one is used as a Quality Control Conveyor. Once the contents are placed in the box, the contents are checked by the second operator. If correct, the box will fall into the ship cart off to each side of the SmartMove® Conveyor. If the contents need tweaking, the following operator finishes the order. The box will then convey down to the end and accumulate where the boxes will be picked off for shipment. Hence, Accumulation Conveyor!

The adjustable guides or chevrons are easily removed or slid down the anodized grooves for a complete Modular Conveyor System.

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