Z X Elevator Box Filler Packaging Conveyor + Infeed

  • Elevator ZX infeed packaging conveyor

Conveyor Belting Inside Frame Prevents Sag

Elevator Conveyors are noted to be the “up and over” animal of the Long Line Conveyors. They can be as small as 3″ wide and 36″ long with 3 sections of conveyor, they can be created to index, interface with robots, interface with SmartMove® Infeed Conveyor and Counting Conveyors. The ZX Conveyor is unique in that the belt rides inside the frame allowing for small parts to be transferred without getting caught on the anodized aluminum side frames. The belt will never have a “underside belly sag” scene on most competitors models. The conveyor angels come in 30, 45 and 60 degrees and the entire unit can become portable with its Modular Conveyor easy add-on sections & with our very steady stainless locking casters. SmartMove® only uses FDA approved material belting. See the video and the self lubricating belt ride inside the frame.

Custom Sized Conveyor Flights

Flights come in all sizes, shapes and distances. SmartMove® Conveyor makes custom conveyors for a variety of applications to suit your Lean Manufacturing needs. Incline Conveyors are used as an infeed conveyor or even a Takeaway Conveyor. The Incline Conveyors are built with an AX Frame. In this case the degree of incline would be 7 degrees or less but if it needs to be steeper SmartMove® Conveyor can easily place rubber top belting, flights or rubber sections of belt to incline the part without slipback. SmartMove® Conveyor also has L Shaped Incline Conveyors/ Elevator Conveyors in a ZX frame for special applications. ​

Add Counting, and Robotics

​SmartMove® Conveyors can also be programmed to interface with each other or a robot to become  “Counting Conveyors”.

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