SmartMove® Gradient Cooler Conveyor for Electrical Components

Gradient Cooler Conveyor System - cooling tunnel

Gradient Cooler Conveyors come in all shapes and sizes due to your application. They cool food, parts and solvents. The industries it serves are food & drug and electrical components. The cooler can also be requested with an anti-static bar for those parts that have static. The Air ionization maintains the integrity of components and sub-assembly of that static charge that is generated during the manufacturing process or during the test assembly. Gradient Cooler Conveyors are easily turned into a part cooling tunnel or even a pie cooling tunnel.

Wave Exit Conveyors

SmartMove® also custom manufactures Wave Solder Exit Conveyors, which also use a gradient cooling tunnel and anti static bar. Wave Exit Conveyors are specifically designed to handle hot circuit boards. Ribbed conveyor belting is also added to further cool parts as they move along the belt.

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