Little Indexing Conveyor With Photo Eye Sensor

little photo eye sensor conveyor

photo eye indexing conveyor

SmartMove® Photo Eye Sensor Conveyors

Photo sensor eyes can have many tasks – stopping or starting a unit when a part is present. Running for a particular amount of time then stopping or at the exit when a part is noticed the entire line stops. This little indexing conveyor can have several commands when programmed and placed in specific locations. Delicate items will no longer have to crash. Let SmartMove’s Little Conveyors do a big job for your next project.

SmartMove® Indexing Conveyors

The photo-eye sensor is a device that allows the conveyor system to index for filling or continuing a process that could not have been done with a constant moving conveyor. It is used when it is impossible to convey or index particular items because of their size, weight or count. The photo-eye sensor has to be located on the beginning or end of the line. When used on an accumulating conveyor, the photo-eye sensor will allow you to convey more types of items and optimize system efficiency to resolve conveying issues like hangups.

Watch It Work:

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