SmartMove® Work Station Conveyors

SmartMove® conveyors custom designs work station and surface conveyor systemsCustom Modular Work Surface Conveyor Systems

SmartMove® Conveyors custom designs each modular work station conveyor system to order. Our engineering team will work with you to build in any of the following features:

  • Built In
  • Assembly
  • Cut Out
  • Carousel
  • Counting
  • Dual Level
  • Incline
  • Long Line
  • Multi Level
  • 90 Degree Turn
  • Pharmacy Line
  • Packaging
  • Recessed
  • Food Preparation

Folding Work Station Conveyors

SmartMove® Conveyors offers many options for work station conveyor configuration. For example, our stainless work surface that can be used for food preparation, packaging or on a pharmacy line for order fulfillment. To save space, we also manufacture folding systems that feature a recessed conveyor. Each modular unit is moveable, as it is equipped with locking casters for easy movement to any location in your facility.

Folding work station for conveyor work surface by SmartMove®

Side Work Stations:

SmartMove® Conveyors feature the option of an “over the top” work surface. This is absolutely ideal for assembly operations. The operator can stop the conveyor motion, assemble an item, and then push it back onto the conveyor and re-start the movement. Side work stations also eliminate twisting and turning which reduces strain and improves productivity.

Work station conveyor with recessed belting and desk cutout

Recessed Cut Out with Long Line

This work station for a pharmacy connects with a recessed long line conveyor. It features several work stations attached to conserve space while creating ease of maintenance and operation. Optimize your facilitate space with our ergonomic design for improved order fulfillment and product distribution automation.

    Photos of Work Station / Surface Conveyors

    Videos of Work Station / Surface Conveyors

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