Counting Conveyor For Pharmaceutical Packaging

pharmaceutical counting QC conveyor
pharmaceutical counting diverting conveyor


pharmaceutical counting QC conveyor


SmartMove® counting conveyors have a big job in many pharmaceutical packaging facilities. The smart conveyor will either take the count from your machine or take the count with the photo sensor eye. The count is set then the arm flips to the opposite side when the count is complete. The count can be set to any amount but this type of unit is best for longer runs. No operator error since the eye is counting. The operator’s job is to place a box under the chute and remove the box. A simple mundane task made even easier by SmartMove’s counting system. If the eye doesn’t see the part an alarm notifies the operator the conveyor is in need of a part.

SmartMove® has a variety of counting, boxing and sorting conveyors. They have taken the operator QC out of the equation. Little conveyors using a small amount of real estate pay for themselves in less than a year. Take your operator labor out of the pharmaceutical packaging line and put that salary into a counting, boxing conveyor by SmartMove®. They never call in sick.

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