Enclosed Edge Belt Incline Conveyor - horizontal or declining systems

up and over incline conveyor on factory floorEnclosed edge belt conveyor with unique Beveledge™ belting, designed for carrying small product up inclines. Ideal for clearing automated machinery (such as punch presses and molding machines) of product by the “waterfall” transfer method. Beveledge belting creates a “moving wall” between the stationary frame and the belt to prevent parts from wedging or jamming the flights. Belting has vertical flights with beveled edges that act as a moving funnel to guide parts being dropped onto the conveyor.

Incline Conveyor can be inclined up to 60°, and is ideal for handling loose product from molding and processing machines. SmartMove’s exclusive Beveledge belting guides parts onto the belt and prevents jams as pieces are carried by the belt.

Universal modular conveyor sections and remote control drive systems are connected with joiner kits to produce horizontal, inclined or declining conveyor systems. bevel edge belting comes with 1.5″ high clear flights on approx. 12″ centers. Unique snap-together belting installs without tools, is self-tracking, and never needs tensioning.

Incline conveyors carry part up and over, an in feed length is needed with an out feed top of belt measurement to determine the angle or angles. Z conveyors are shaped as a Z or an L, according to your conveying needs.

Photos of Incline Conveyors

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SmartMove Incline Conveyor Features:

  • Carry loads up to 25 lbs./foot with flights up inclines as steep as 60°. Variable speeds up to 238 fpm depending on motor and gearing selected
  • Choose belt widths from 6″ to 24″ in 3″ increments. Path is 2″ smaller than belt width when using standard Beveled belting. Overall frame width is 1″ wider than belt width.
  • Shipped with 2″ high guide rails made of 1/4″ thick antistatic UHMW
  • Construction: aluminum extruded frame and stands with all wear surfaces of solid antistatic UHMW
  • Motor: variable speed brushless DC gear motor with remote mountable controls that include removable power cord, on/off switch, and pre-wired sensor connector. Relay controls and e-stops are available.
  • Assemble continuous lines with single motor (inclines will vary actual load capacity)
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Shipped fully assembled, or in sections for easy assembly on-site.

Portable — Quiet — Clean — Modular — Safe — Energy Efficient — Maintenance Free
A well designed conveyor lasts longer when it is working more efficiently… and by using a smaller motor, the conveyor is safer to operate!

Easy to Order — Quick Shipment — Simple to install With Factory Direct Prices

Incline Conveyor Applications

  • Carrying small, loose product without wedging or jamming belting
  • Lifting small items up inclines as steep as 60°
  • Adding flights to create “drop zones” or to lift items on inclines
  • Transferring product by “waterfall” method using chutes

Incline Conveyor Specifications

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L/ZX incline conveyors are custom-made.

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