Q & A for Conveyor Systems | Conveyor questions answered

Do I need a special electrical outlet for my SmartMove Conveyor?

No – a simple 110 volt or 220 volt is what is required. Customer must specify the voltage needed.

Do I need to maintain my SmartMove Conveyor?

A simple wipe down of the belt and link removal may be necessary over years of constant use. Belt stretch is common with polypropylene belting. It does not mean the belt is wearing out. Your conveyor belt is wearing in.

When I’ve damaged a piece of belting, how can I reorder belt?

Reordering is required in 3′ segments by the width of your conveyor’s surface. Usually your consultant will ask for the serial number in order to ensure that you’re getting the correct type of belting for your conveyor.

How do I replace sections of my SmartMove belting?

You can order 3′ sections assembled or disassembled or an entire length of your conveyor- top and bottom. Be sure to keep the same pattern. Assure your belt is placed back on the conveyor the correct way. If you are traveling on the conveyor you can read the embossed SmartMove words correctly. Also, CLICK HERE to view videos.

How do I install conveyor legs?

CLICK HERE to view video.

How do I add another section to my SmartMove Conveyor?

We add an inner deck extension, joiner plate, the conveyor section and 1 set of legs. Each joined section will have a set of legs for support.