Mini Infeed or Outfeed / Exit Conveyor by ​SmartMove®

smartmove mini sized conveyor

SmartMove® Conveyors come in all shapes and sizes. These versatile little conveyors can be added to an existing line, becoming an infeed or an off-feed exit conveyor. The gentle, smooth, quiet belt conveys even the most fragile applications like contacts & eyeglasses. The remote control box can be mounted anywhere on the conveyor or elsewhere in the facility. SmartMove’s ESD belted Conveyor is the leader in wave solder exit conveyors. These mini sized smart modular conveyor are the right choice for the small business on the rise. Add or take away sections of our modular SmartMove® Conveyor. These lightweight conveyors can be moved anywhere in the facility without the hassle of needing a forklift or pallet jack. Custom conveyors for your custom application are no problem for SmartMove® Conveyors.

Little Conveyors For Big Jobs

SmartMove® little conveyors do big jobs and are always a custom fit. Long line, short line, multi-level or multi-lane the custom conveyors work for any application desired. Belting types include: High temp, cooling, ESD as well as high performance machine shop belting are all built with FDA approved materials. All SmartMove® conveyors draw less than 3 amps making SmartMove® the leader in efficient, quiet and clean conveyor systems.​

Watch It Work:

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