90 Degree Turn Indexing Conveyor w/ Rollers

90 degree turn roller conveyor.

Custom Indexing Conveyor

There’s nothing like custom when it comes to conveyors. The 90 Degree Indexing SmartMove® Conveyor is used in many industries. This particular unit was used for circuit boards in a basket being washed then dried on our ESD belting. The basket moves when the first eye locates a basket but doesn’t accumulate. No crashing in the washing machine. The basket singulates and exits one at a time. The corners and transitions are smooth due to the end to end transfer plates and corner turns. The alarm notifies that the belt is 80 percent filled. Customization is no problem when it comes to SmartMove®’s multi-industry flexibility. ​

modular 90 degree turn indexing conveyor

Turn Conveyor Systems Save Floor Space

For every imaginable industry and product, 90 degree turns are necessary. SmartMove® Conveyor systems are able to save space by creating a 90 degree turn using two conveyors, rather than a curved conveyor. This is achieved through the use of side to end transfers, which create a seamless transition between the two conveyors. Long Lines & Accumulation Conveyors also utilize two straight conveyors to make a 90 degree turn, while maintaining the box orientation through the use of side to end conveyor transfers. If your goal is to change the orientation of a product, the AMA Engineering team can design a custom system that meets your specific needs. SmartMove® Conveyor engineers are capable of seamlessly transitioning a product from a wide conveyor into a single file, with no limits to the types of 90 degree turns that can be achieved. To get a better sense of how these conveyors work in action, we invite you to explore the variety of conveyor videos available on our website, showcasing the streamlined process of product lines.

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