Canning Line Conveyor For Brewery - Custom Built System

This SmartMove® Custom Conveyor interfaces with the filling machine. The Small Canning Conveyor Line bottles/cans over 30 cases per hour which is 720 (16 ounce) cans. The production line has increased by 300% since the Smart Conveyors were installed. Several different sizes of Custom Conveyor Systems were installed for this very custom canning line.

The Berkley Beer Company located in Taunton, Massachusetts proved to be ready for their Grand Opening in July of 2019. Not only was the beer canned and cold the food was hot, tasty and made from scratch. The Berkley Beer Company worked long and hard to keep their operation running Thursday-though Sat 12-10 pm & Sun 12-6 pm. The indoor/outdoor seating allows for families to enjoy the home brew and the great food served during all hours of operation.

The Long- Lines are Accumulating Conveyors and the Short-Lines are Filling Conveyors

Berkley Beer Company & SmartMove Conveyor have not completed the process. The two companies have big plans to continue the canning lines and food delivery conveyors in the future. Stay tuned for more to come. Berkley Beer Company will reopen soon with a brand new outdoor patio, plenty of seating & amazing ambiance for local patrons to enjoy.

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Stay tuned for more on SmartMove Conveyor Food Delivery Conveyors and Berkley Beer Company. 

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