Washable and Portable Little Conveyor for Food Industry

little washable food conveyor

Little SmartMove® Conveyor

This “Little Conveyor” from SmartMove® is a full wash down conveyor unit. The E-Stop is built in for easy shut down. Stainless locking casters creates a nice little unit that can roll in and out of the way and be used on different food lines. The little modular conveyor has many uses. The adjustable guide rails center the package straight into the bar coder.

Clean Line Conveyors

SmartMove® food conveyor systems feature, lightweight anodized aluminum construction. Our anodized aluminum conveyors feature  FDA approved belting materials to make what we call our clean line conveyor.  SmartMove® modular conveyor systems are easy to operate, safe and portable to help save valuable floor space.

Watch it Work:

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