Pharmacy Line Accumulation Conveyor By SmartMove®

Accumulation Conveyors For Fulfillment Centers

Accumulation pharmacy lines for fulfillment centers have always been popular.  Now, with online pharmacies, pharmacy conveyors have come back stronger than ever.  This long modular pharmacy line is for a Pet Pharmacy, notice the entire line is on casters. The casters make it easier for the maintenance team or to repurpose the modular lines anywhere in the facility.

The conveyor’s keep the techs supply on task. Rhythmatic assembly will continue your process like a well oiled machine without the oil. The continuous workflow, maintenance free, efficient and quiet conveyor is how the SmartMove® system creates the magic of increased production.

Robotic Interface

Photo eyes can index or the encoder can interface with your machine or robot to create a timed stop as well as the stop plates to keep the product at a brief stop for the tech to record the data before packaging.

Whichever stop method works best for your process SmartMove® will design your customized conveyor system.

SmartMove® Long Line Food Conveyors will automate your work flow process. Call: 800.581.2876 or click here to order your SmartMove® Conveyor system now.

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