Super Long Line – Multi-Level Pharmacy Conveyor Spans Entire Factory Floor

multi level conveyor return chute

long line conveyor motor and end stop
long line multi level pharmacy conveyor system

Super Long Line Saves Time & Motion

This super long modular pharmacy conveyor saves time and motion, by spanning the entire factory floor, so techs don’t need to walk back and forth.

SmartMove® Leads The Conveyor Industry

Pharmacy conveyors come in all shapes and sizes. SmartMove® is the industry leader for pharmacy conveyor lines, medical lines, fulfillment centers and dispensaries. The FDA approved materials are clean, anti-static and non-greased. This makes for a clean, easy to maintain conveyor system that will impress techs and customers. The long lines are practical, efficient, quiet and easy to change layout since the entire line is modular. Keep your assembly continued without any hiccups or stalls. SmartMove® ​ has the right moves to keep techs filling without delay.

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