Counting Conveyor – Lights Out Operation

lights out counting conveyor

counting conveyor - sorting lanes

Lights Out Operation

This “lights out” counting conveyor has multiple arms that divert the application into tub one, then after a set amount is met, a second arm releases. This repeats for a 12 hour lights out collection of the application. All 6 arms swing open to position the application into the collection area. SmartMove®Conveyor can customize your conveyor and design a system for your application.

Easy Interface With Machinery

The little conveyor efficiently counts the product by weight or time. All SmartMove® Conveyors can interface with most machinery or run independently. All running on 110 vac or 220 single phase. The lane diverting conveyor keeps the process running throughout the night in order to collect the finished goods in the morning. SmartMove® Conveyors run 24/7 and all draw less than 3 amps in total.

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