Counting and Singulating Conveyor Systems Made in USA

Counting and Singulating ​Conveyor Systems

​Multi Function Conveyors Increase Productivity

Counting and separating conveyors improve quality control dramatically by eliminating errors like costly miscounts that ship out excess items at your expense. Smartmove® Conveyors custom engineer the systems to count and singulate with additional optional functions.

Counting and Singulating Conveyor System with dual hopper

  • Adjustable Separation
  • Orientation Change
  • Automated Counting
  • Chicaning
  • Sorting
  • Photo Eye & Infra Red
  • Indexing
  • Packaging Line
  • Stack, Flip
  • Shingling
  • Bump Turn Packaging
  • Lane Switching
  • Upending
  • Incline or Decline
  • Accumulation
  • Multi Level ​
conveyors that count, singulate and change product orientation

Our conveyors count and singulate and change product orientation

​SmartMove’s Material handling conveyor systems index and queue items inline into batches to then be counted and stacked directly into packaging. Variable speed motors facilitate exact timing, while photo eye sensors allow for exact counts needed for higher speed operations. Chutes, guides and all other accessories are provided with all of our modular systems.

Our modular conveyors feature snap link plastic chain belting which is easy to maintain, extremely durable, washable and sanitary. When you receive your new, custom engineered conveyor system, you can unpack it and plug into a standard wall outlet. System assembly is minimal and so simple it will not require technicians.


Singulating conveyor diverts items into a single line

Photos of Counting / Singulating Conveyors

Videos of Counting / Singulating Conveyors

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