Count, Singulate, Packaging Conveyor System

This Smartmove® ​Singulating and Counting Conveyor attaches to the Box Filler to create a fully automated packaging system. The count is set, the empty box shuffles in to be filled with product, as the star wheel plucks one single item into the box as it is counted. Accumulation is used but the wheel allows for product to also be singulated and counted. Smartmove® has many different Counting Conveyor Systems. Each product is different and so is your solution for counting and packaging.

Automated Packaging At It’s Finest

The box filler conveyor combines many advanced features into one system to automate item ​counting and singulation. The system allows the operator to program the counter with a preset amount. The photo sensor eye stops after the preset amount of items are deposited into the box. The lower conveyor sensor then moves the filled box away and pushes another empty box into position, based on the preset amount. The upper conveyor then re-starts until another batch of items are dispensed.

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