Cooling Accumulation Conveyor - Multi-level Food System

accumulation multi level cooling conveyor  - food packaging system

Multi-level Accumulation For Packaging

Accumulation Conveyor gone wild. This custom accumulation system features 3 layers of conveyors, special cooling belt allows air flow through the entire system. “Long Lines” s are running in opposite directions creating a perfect solution for a lot of accumulation in a small amount of real estate. The gentle drop allows baked goods, to cure or cool without breakage. The “long lines” take the time out of cooling & constantly deliver product without the wait. Assembly lines continue due to a constant flow of perfectly cooled product. When you run out of space- go up with a “Multi-Level Conveyor” by SmartMove Conveyor.

Cooling Conveyor Belting

The accumulation process is used as a drying method for the baked goods or any other product that needs curing or cooling before being assembled. Pinned belting with 20% opening allows baked goods to cool while being processed.

Food Industry Conveyor Experts

SmartMove® Conveyor custom manufactures FDA compliant food conveyors. SmartMove® systems feature FDA approved belting materials that both washable and sanitary. The lightweight, rust proof anodized aluminum construction helps make SmartMove® food conveyors  the best “clean line” systems you can get to automate your packaging fulfillment operation.

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