Watch videos of the best pharmacy conveyors systems in action.

Custom Manufactured Conveyors
for Pharmacy Operations

Our Pharmacy Conveyor systems are clean, quiet, safe and efficient while featuring ergonomic design for applications like packaging, order fulfillment and product distribution automation. Smartmove® manufactures the best pharmaceutical industry conveyors that meet sanitary standards.

Other Benefits include:

  • Less handling which allows for mass production of pharmacy goods.
  • Optimization of your facility space with custom features like 90 degree turns, switchbacks, returns, multiple lanes and/or levels.
  • Smartmove’s Dual Lane systems can be used as a work station and also for quality control dispensing of medical supplies. The stop bar accumulates bins as the belt continues to run.
  • Easy Transfer System means no limit on lengths.
  • Custom engineered conveyors lasts longer when working more efficiently… and by using a smaller motor, the conveyor is safer to operate