Little Conveyor - 4 Lane Accumulation

SmartMove® Conveyors manufactures accumulation conveyor systems of all sizes.

No product too small for the Little Conveyor. Let SmartMove® Accumulation Conveyors automate your assembly line. Accumulation conveyor system options include:

  • Little – small sized surface area
  • Roller top – for heavier items
  • Separating
  • Indexing
  • Take-away
  • Shingling
  • Long line
  • Multi lane
  • Multi level
  • Photo sensor
  • 90 degree turn​

Four Lane Accumulation

The Four Lane Accumulating Conveyor carries product around back to the operator making this the best method for returning product for a second assembly or for pick up. Four Conveyors in one frame make this the Best Conveyor space saver the market has to offer.


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