Wave Solder Exit Conveyors - Humpback Gradient Cooler Systems

Wave Solder Exit Humpback ConveyorsThe SmartMove Humpback Conveyor is specifically designed to handle hot circuit boards exiting from wave solder machines. Belt is static dissipative and available with full surface ribs for increased cooling. Custom angles and elevations are available to meet your requirements for “drop-in” replacement of existing systems. Designed for maintenance free performance.

  • 115 Volt AC motor driven chain belt conveyor with 3/8” high vertical flights on 3/4” centers
  • Variable speed control to match your exit speed
  • Static dissipative belting is custom molded with “snap-together” features
  • Belting’s proprietary self-lubricating additives virtually eliminate belt wear and
  • Gradient Cooling Hood available to speed cooling process

Click here to download the Gradient Cooler Page PDF.wave solder exit conveyor with gradient cooler hood

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