Wave Solder Exit Conveyors - Humpback Gradient Cooler Systems

Wave Solder Exit Humpback ConveyorsThe SmartMove Humpback Conveyor is specifically designed to handle hot circuit boards exiting from wave solder machines. Belt is static dissipative and available with full surface ribs for increased cooling. Custom angles and elevations are available to meet your requirements for “drop-in” replacement of existing systems. Designed for maintenance free performance.

  • 115 Volt AC motor driven chain belt conveyor with 3/8” high vertical flights on 3/4” centers
  • Variable speed control to match your exit speed
  • Static dissipative belting is custom molded by SmartMove® with “snap-together” features
  • Belting’s proprietary self-lubricating additives virtually eliminate belt wear and
  • Gradient Cooling Hood available to speed cooling process
  • Safe, clean and simple!
  • For accumulating boards, simply add another conveyor with our BS (brush) belting with an adjustable end stop. The bristles will not harm the undersides of boards.


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Wave Solder Application

Pallets being used to carry circuit boards through a wave solder machine were being damaged when sliding down an exit ramp and hitting a work table. Damaged pallets, if re-used, would produce defective circuit boards. Cost of re-placing damaged pallets and producing defective circuit boards resulted in search for corrective action.

Attempted Solutions:
When using a conveyor with coated elastomer belting to eliminate the sliding of the pallets it was found that the pallets would fuse to the conveyor belt and tear off the belts coating. Sometimes the coating would adhere to the circuit boards causing defects. The cost and time required to replace the belting, plus the defective manufactured circuit boards left the company seeking a more permanent solution.


The SmartMove® Solution:
Company purchased “hump-back” shaped SmartMove® conveyors with full ribbed ESD belting. When exiting the wave solder, the circuit boards or pallets rest on the belt which has horizontal rows of 3/8” high ribs on 3/4” cen-ters. The ribs reduce 90% of the conductive heat trans-fer (touching), which can quickly transfer damaging tem-peratures to the belt. Heat from convective (through air) transfer is insulated by the 3/8” air gap. Testing of the full rib proved that even boards at 450° would not cause damage to the belting.

SmartMove® supplies conveyors to some of the world’s leading electronic circuit board manufactures. Companies such as Sparton Electronics, Kingston Technology and Elcoteq, Inc. purchase SmartMove® because of their reliability, safety and maintenance free design. They understand the value of having an energy efficient conveyor that will run for years with little or no maintenance.

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