Watch How To Tighten A Conveyor Belt Set Screw

tighten adjust conveyor belt set screw

​SmartMove® Conveyors are virtually maintenance free. After several years of maintenance free use, you may need to tighten the set screw and pull out a row of belting. No maintenance crew or technician is required. No grease or lubrication of any kind is necessary. If you can use a screwdriver then a SmartMove® Conveyor is easy enough to maintain. The process of tightening a set screw, when needed, is explained in the video below:

Follow these 4 easy steps to adjust your SmartMove® conveyor belt set screw:

Step 1) open the belt
Step 2) locate the set screws on the coupling
Step 3) use screwdriver to adjust the setting
Step 4) re-attach the belt


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