Compact, Portable Z X Incline Conveyor For Parts Packaging

SmartMove® Elevator Conveyors are made from a unique Z X frame. These Up & Over conveyors come in 30, 45 and 60 degree angles. Never will you have a sagging under side belt. Flight sizes and lengths are custom to the application. SmartMove’s Elevator Conveyors can be powder coated to match your company colors. The stainless locking casters make this the most modular-compact unit that can be utilized for several applications.  Plug & play is an instant solution for your incline conveyor needs.

SmartMove® Z X design conveyors are unique in that the belt rides inside the frame allowing for small parts to be transferred without getting caught on the anodized aluminum side frames. The belt will never have a “underside belly sag” scene like on most competitors models. SmartMove® Modular Conveyors allow for easy add-on sections to customize the system while automating your work flow.

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