End Stop For Pharmacy Conveyor, Custom Engineered

This SmartMove® Conveyors medical grade system is used for order fulfillment and packaging in a pharmacy operations center. The upper level totes are filled as they move down the line. The custom designed, removable end stop allows bins to accumulate when filled, thereby eliminating one extra set of hands. The bottom level of this system is used as a return tote conveyor. The solid work surface system delivers an impressive work presence while facilitating the efficient packaging of orders for  quick shipment.

multi level work surface conveyor system

Without End Stop

removable conveyor stop bar

End Stop is removable

pharmacy conveyor with chute for bins

With End Stop


Solid surface pharmacy work stations offer the best conveyor solution of its time. Recessed work stations w/ shelves are all built in. No excess furniture or legs to be concerned with for maintenance. SmartMove Conveyor’s sturdy Pharmacy work stations deliver a heavy look yet, modular. Add on sections when your pharmacy grows.

Additional custom modular features include:

  • 90 Degree Turn
  • Cut Out Work Stations
  • Multi- Level
  • ​Return Chute
  • Accumulation
  • ​Casters For Movement Of Entire Line

Order The Best Medical Grade Conveyors

Our clean pharmacy conveyors convey medical supplies and equipment efficiently, which is why they are used frequently in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

SmartMove® is your best option for both medical conveyors and clean work stations. Call 1-800-581-2876 or click here to request a fast quote online now.

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