Roller Top Food Grade Accumulator Conveyor Belting

Cueing Beverages With No Spills

Roller top belting conveyor belting can be used for several different applications. One being an accumulator belt it is convenient for cueing food and beverages. The beverages don’t spill even when the trays stop at the stop bar. The gentle rollers allow for no pinch points and a smooth transition down the conveyor. The trays cue, easy lift off without any back pressure make this conveyor unit perfect for any brewery, fast food chain or even a dispensary.

​Stainless Bearings – Wash Down Motor

Food grade belt, stainless bearings and wash down motor with variable speed control boxes make this system the most versatile  conveyor in the industry. This particular customer wanted his rails to be powder-coated pure white. His entire museum coffee shop will be entirely white.

Custom Conveyors Manufactured In The USA

SmartMove® custom manufactures conveyor systems for companies worldwide in the food, electronics, automotive, medical, machining and industrial manufacturing industries. Click here to see all conveyor system types manufactured by Smartmove®.

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