Little Indexing Conveyor System By SmartMove®




This little conveyor was custom engineered to index lids for order fulfillment and packaging. Smartmove’s indexing conveyors automate your work flow by eliminating human lifting to transport product. The system also helps set the work pace and work flow. As you can see in the video below, this little indexing conveyor can move fast while working efficiently and quietly.

This system is configured with dividers to organize lids in separate batches for packaging and shipment.




Conveyor Systems – Custom Engineered

SmartMove manufactures safe, simple and reliable material handling conveyors, with the added benefit of custom-made modular components for a variety of material handling conveyor solutions. The engineering team at consists of automation and engineering specialists. Call SmartMove® Conveyor for your next indexing, counting, sorting separating or accumulation project at: 800.581.2876. or click here to start your online order  for a custom engineered modular conveyor system now.

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