SmartMove® Pharmaceutical Conveyor – Long Line System

Pharmaceutical Products Material Handling Efficiency

This long line conveyor system allows for conveying of pharmaceutical products or packaging with no limit to length. Larger motors can pull much longer lengths and transfer plates can be added in order to connect all sections, thus making the conveyor line unlimited.​ Longer distance conveying saves time, while reducing strain on employees which improves safety of work conditions. Low friction belting slides under items to create low pressure accumulation.

Modular Pharmaceutical Conveyor Features

  • Cut resistant polypropylene belting. Easily handles material that may otherwise damage conventional belting.
  • SmartMove® snap-link chain belting lasts over 5 times longer than other belting types made of cloth or plastic. Belts can be quickly repaired without tools, and snap link construction allows for damaged sections to be replaced, instead of the entire belt. .
  • Operators are protected from injury as the unique snap-link belting acts like a fuse, automatically separating during overload or jams.
  • High efficiency drive motor uses only 25 Watts (1/30Hp) to carry 200 lbs which saves on electricity cost.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Plug & Play – Easy Installation right out of the box
  • Maintenance Free
  • Portable & Modular

Factory direct pricing on all CONVEYOR SYSTEMS, no extra fees for custom engineering.
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