SmartMove® Custom Engineered Pharmaceutical Conveyor Systems

SmartMove® pharmaceutical conveyors are custom engineered by AMA Engineering. Our conveyor systems have been utilized for pharmacy mail order processing, packaging, counting and sorting of pharmaceuticals for shipment. Conveyors from increase productivity and efficiency while reducing operating costs. At SmartMove Conveyors, our custom modular construction process allows for easy engineering and customization for any application. We have manufactured hundreds of systems for clients in the pharma industry, as our medical conveyors are sanitary, washable and feature Micro Ban snap link chain belting which is easy to clean and maintain. Accessories can be added to make your pharmacy conveyor system dustproof, antiseptic and can also feature work stations. We custom build conveyors that wipe clean in minutes, and can offer modifications like dual lane, multi level, 90 degree turn and other custom features. Most important, once we determine your exact specifications, we can build and ship a custom built system in a matter of days. Custom engineering for material handling does not have to take weeks, as our manufacturing facility is completely vertically integrated to the point where we can start with raw materials and finish with a plug and play ready conveyor.

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