ZX Elevator Conveyor For Hemp Products Packaging - Fulfillment

Large Conveyor Systems

​Heavy loads or odd sizes are no challenge for this Up & Over or ZX Conveyor, custom engineered by SmartMove® Conveyors. Huge ZX Conveyors are no challenge for the SmartMove® Engineering Team – our conveyor systems can even be shipped completely assembled. Each flight can handle 40 lbs of weight on this large  incline conveyor.

The Real Deal

Our shipping & engineers assure our customers receive the conveyors in pristine condition. All conveyors are fully insured for the ride to your facility. From our door to yours.

ZX Conveyors – Up & Over Conveyor

Elevator Conveyors have never been so useful in the Hemp manufacturing industry. This long line conveyor brings the product into the dryer. Pharmaceutical and Medical Conveyors are anodized aluminum with belting made of FDA materials. Flights are cut to length with distance desired. Interfacing for indexing has never been so easy. The Smart Conveyor System is equipped with an encoder and dry contacts making this Plug and Play package the most efficient on the market today. Each of these Huge Elevator Conveyor systems use less than 4 amps running continuously- fully loaded. 3 lbs boxes every 12″ on center are no challenge for the “Up and Over” task. Large ZX conveyors can be shipped fully assembled or partially assembled.

Watch It Work:

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