90 Degree Turn Transfer Conveyor | by SmartMove®

90 Degree Turn Transfer Conveyor System

SmartMove® Custom Transfer Plates

Smart Carousel turns into a 90 degree turn-transfer. Easily done with our custom transfer plates. SmartMove® will customize your conveyor for your application. A little conveyor, long line, multilevel or multi-lanes units are easily changeable due to being modular conveyors.  SmartMove® is the leader in modular conveyors and now with automation by our sister company, AMA Engineering, the possibilities are endless.


Benefits of SmartMove® 90 Degree Turn Conveyors

​Our 90 Degree Turn Conveyors  offer these advantages:

  1. Snap Link Belting: The conveyors use snap link belting, which is easy to repair.
  2. Low Friction Belting: The low friction belting minimizes pressure accumulation.
  3. Portability and Modularity: These systems are portable and modular, allowing flexibility in setup.
  4. Safety: They are designed with safety features.
  5. Energy Efficiency: The conveyors are energy-efficient.
  6. Maintenance-Free: Minimal maintenance is required.

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