Double Counting & Boxing Conveyor System

double count and box conveyor

Correct Item Counts Every Time

This SmartMove® Double Counting/Boxing Conveyor takes the guess out of getting the correct count in each box. No scales necessary and no operator errors. The counting machine brings in the empty boxes, counts the application to the preset amount once reached, the pneumatic arm flips and repeats the process with another empty box. All full boxes are accumulating waiting for the box sealer. Counting, stacking, boxing, shingling is no challenge for SmartMove® Conveyors. Let us automate your process today.

Applications In Many Industries

Medical, machining, food, electronics, automotive and packaging industries have all found  SmartMove® Conveyor Systems to be the most efficient on the production line. Every process and product needs an accurate count, whether it be batch counting or individual pieces for the final pack out. The order fulfillment process becomes efficient and error free with a SmartMove® Counting Conveyor on your factory floor.

Watch It Work:

Smart Conveyors Pay For Themselves

Give us the challenge you are facing and describe your work flow process, then let a SmartMove®’s Counting Conveyor system decrease your labor force and increase order fulfillment efficiency. Call 1-800-581-2876 or click here to order your SmartMove® Conveyor system now.

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