SmartMove® Cooling Conveyor System with Ribbed Belting

img-3531Cooling Conveyor System

This conveyor system cooling belt is designed for hot products. Hot items can be cooled while lifted so airflow can get underneath. The cooling belt is typically used for food, cosmetics or circuit boards. A gradient cooler is often added to the system configuration to provide an extra cooling solution. This belt is being used on a cosmetics line for assembly and packaging. The spacing within the ribbed belting can be adjusted to conform to whatever specifications are needed.

Gradient Cooler Accessory

This innovative conveyor system features our Gradient Cooler which provides cooling of hot items as they are transported along the line. The compact Gradient Cooler houses a tangential blower that can easily mount onto new or existing SmartMove® Conveyors. The unit provides 130 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of ambient airflow parallel to the belt travel for superior stress relieved cooling. Hot items are moved toward the cooling unit where they are bathed in a stream of air that gradually cools them to room temperature Controlled cooling is achieved by funneling ambient air in the opposite direction of the products to produce a steady convective cooling curve. Air moves from coolest to hottest items in the enclosed hood assembly, designed for for a variety of applications.

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