Singulating Conveyor With Box Filler

box filler conveyor with 90 degree turn

indexing box filling conveyor with singulation and accumulation

This Smartmove® box filler conveyor combines many advanced features into one system to automate item ​counting, singulation and indexing. The system allows the operator to program the counter with a preset amount. In this example, the photo sensor eye stops the conveyor after 20 items are deposited into the box. The lower conveyor sensor then moves the filled box away and pushes another empty box into position. The upper conveyor then re starts until another 20 items are dispensed. Note the placement of guides on the upper conveyor that channel items into a straight, single file line for dispensation:

​Multi Function Conveyor Systems

Counting and singulating conveyors improve quality control by eliminating errors like costly miscounts. Smartmove® systems are custom engineered to singulate and count with these additional optional functions:

  • Adjustable Separation
  • Orientation Change
  • Indexing
  • Stack, Flip
  • Shingling
  • Lane Switching
  • Diversion
  • Upending
  • Incline or Decline
  • Accumulation
  • Multi Level ​
  • Multi Lane

SmartMove’s Material handling  conveyors feature variable speed motors which facilitate exact timing, while the photo eye sensors allow for preset counts needed for higher speed operations. Chutes, guides and other accessories are provided with all of our modular systems.

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