Conveyor System Accessories - Transfers, stops, controls and hardware

SmartMove manufactures a wide variety of conveyor accessories to allow for easy customization of conveyor systems. Accessories include transfers, stops, controls, countertops, hoods, blowers, rollers and hardware.

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    • 6) Small Part Transfer 90°
      6) Small Part Transfer 90°

    Conveyor system accessories - transfer - end chute

    Adjustable End Chute

    Quickly installs and adjusts to slide components onto or off the end of a SmartMove Conveyor. Use to transition gaps between other equipment and for tabletop slide transferring. Mounting brackets attach to the “T” slots and may require the stands to be moved inboard for chute installation.

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    conveyor accessory - corner-turn-plateCorner Turn Plate

    When making 90° turns, this UHMW machined plate assembly helps items greater than 1″ high rotate without catching edges. The thumbscrew mounted assembly locates to the 1″ high guard rails at the merge of the end-to-side transition point.

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    conveyor accessories - end to end transfer plateEnd-to-End Transition Plate

    Transition Plates are held by gravity between the end of one conveyor and the beginning of the next conveyor. The ESD plate aids in the transfer of product and guards against a possible pinch point.

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    corner-turn-plate-end-to-side-accessory-for-90-degree-turn-conveyorEnd-to Side Transition Plate

    This “tip-plate” is held by gravity within the sideframe guard rail slot.The plate keeps products from catching the edges of the conveyor belt as they transfer across at the turn.

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    end-of-line-plate-conveyor-accessoriesEnd-of-Line Transition Plate

    Transfer plate mounted on a cross plate attached to the end of the conveyor. Ideal for use on the end of a gate or to transfer to countertops or non-SmartMove Conveyors. The ESD plate aids in the transfer of product and guards against a possible pinch point.

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    adjustable-guide-rails-conveyor-accessoriesdual ADJUSTABLE GUIDE RAIL - Conveyors AccessoryAdjustable Side Rails

    Mounts to “T” Slots on frames.

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    adjustable-end-stop-conveyor-accessoryAdjustable End Stop

    Mounts on the 1″ high standard guard rails. This attachment is excellent for low pressure accumulating product by providing a non-marrring stop that holds items for operators.

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    half-stop-adjustable-accessory-for-conveyorsAdjustable Half Stop

    Mount on the 1″ high standard guard rails. This attachment is excellent for low pressure accumulating product by providing a non-marring stop that holds items for operators, yet can allow items not in the path of the stop to continue traveling on the conveyor.

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    e-stop-accessory-for-conveyorDrive with Emergency Stop

    E-stop red mushroom head switch with legend plate installed on top panel of motor box. Once pressed, switch locks and power is removed from the unit. Unlock the mushroom button by pushing down and twisting.

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    remote-e-stop-for-conveyor-systemsRemote Mount Emergency Stop

    Simply mount E-stop box on side of conveyor within 9 feet of motor. Plus E-stop box into standard 115V outlet with 9 foot cable provided. Plug converter into one of the two outlets on the box. Pressing red mushroom head E-stop switch shuts off outlets. Push and twist button to release.

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    swivel-mount-plate-conveyor-accessorySwivel Mount Photoelectric Sensor

    Installs to “T” Slots of side frame and senses objects that block reflective tape mounted to opposite guard rail. Sensor comes pre-wired with 4 foot cale that plugs into motor control box. Sensor can be used to start or stop the conveyor when objects are detected. Unit is upgradeable to have an optional timer/delay module. Sensor can see through hoods and is not fooled by shiny objects.

    Remote Control Cable

    This extension cord plugs “in-between” the motor cable and the unit controller inside the motor control box. Available in 1,2,3 and 4 meter lengths to allow remore mounting od the motor on/off and speed setting.


    Relay Control Kit

    115VAC or 24VDC relay is pre-wired to plug into existing 4-pin connector inside motor control box. Supply power to the relay to start or stop the conveypr. Ideal for indexing and controlling conveyor motion with robotics.


    Drive with Reversing Direction Switch

    (Factory) Use to allow short line conveyors to carry 25 lbs. in the reverse direction.


    Internal Extension Cord

    (Factory) Short Line Conveyors up to 10 feet long can be equipped with an internal power cord that allows power to other conveyors.

      Workbench-accessories-for-conveyorsWorkstations and Side Shelves

      Products can be sequentially assembled by using the conveyor belt to transfer material between adjustable worksurfaces. Items on the conveyor are carried from one work surface to the other, and then held ready for picking as the belt slides underneath. Adding side shelves provides storage for components and tools used in the assembly process.





      Advantages of working directly on the line

      • Reduce process time. Operators require less time to perform tasks when the distance to move material is reduced.
      • Create material buffer. Low pressure accumulation is created by the belt sliding underneath stopped items.
      • Less production floor space. Use 1/4 of the floor space by eliminating tables and benches next to conveyor lines.
      Solid surface countertops: Cut to your specific needs. Long lasting beautifully smooth surface for the perfect production work area.
      Stainless steel work surfaces: 18 gage steel on either side or both sides of conveyor. Working surface for assembly or shelving.

      Download Conveyor Workstations InfoPack

      Product_hood-300x161Replace 1″ high standard guard rails with 1/4″ thick clear hoods to restrict access and keep items shielded while being transported on the conveyor. Custom extruded corners secure sides to tops. Hoods are manufactured in 4 foot sections that butt together to create continuous enclosures.



      gradient-cooling-hood-accessory-for-ESD-conveyorGradient Cooler

      Turn the hood into a cooling tunnel. Low profile tangential blower assembly mounts to SmartMove hood systems to provide high volume convective cooling. Available for hoods starting at 12″ wide.




      Roller_Section-accessoreis-for-conveyorsSafe Loading and Unloading Zones for Live Conveyor

      Roller sections that are 1 to 2 feet long are built into the conveyor sideframes to provide smooth and even transfers off and onto the rollers. Product moving on the belt is transferred to the roller sections to provide a safe zone for loading and unloading the conveyor. Operators are not exposed to a moving conveyor.



      “T” Slot Mounting Hardware

      Used to mount accessories to conveyor frame “T” Slots.


      Bottom Joiner Hook

      Join sections that meet end-to-side. One end is slotted to provide easy disassembly. Plate locks conveyors together and ensures equal belt height.


      Joiner Bars

      Used to join sections end-to-end when not being joined by the stands brackets, as is the case with multi-level systems and systems not mounted on stands. Bars can be mounted to side or bottom “T” Slots.

      Adjustable-Legs-accessory-conveyor-standsConveyor Stand

      SmartMove Conveyor Stands are used to support and join conveyor sections. Made of anodized aluminum, they come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate different conveyor applications. Stands are engineered to accept swivel-locking casters and support gussets. Each stand includes bolt-down lever pads to prevent accidental tip-over. Stands can be ordered with casters to allow conveyors to be easily moved.





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