Z - Long Line Elevator Conveyor System

Elevator - Z Long Line Conveyor

Up & Over Z Frame Conveyor

This Long Line Z Conveyor is perfect for pulling product from the filler machine up & over, while counting and dropping into the hopper. A pre-set count can be assigned for the conveyor to stop after set amount is reached, then resumed to the same or different count. Lengths and distance are a factor in small facilities so this up & over conveyor can do more than one job while saving valuable floor space. Proprietary anodized aluminum frames are the key to this elevator conveyor. No sag – no drag – no parts getting stuck in side of frame. Belting slides ride in the side frame track for a smooth product transfer. Watch it work in the video below:

Safe Design

This SmartMove® Conveyor features recessed belting so parts cannot get caught in frame or between belting. As there is no sag under the conveyor belting, pinch points are eliminated so fingers can not get caught. The tightly pinned belting rides between the aluminum extrusions creating a snug pocket for items to be carried up & over.

SmartMove® Conveyors has Z, Elevator, L, Incline, Decline, Up & Over and just about any type of conveyor you’ll need to automate your work flow.

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