Food Delivery - Carousel - Accumulation Conveyors For Social Distancing

food delivery conveyorSmartMove® Food Delivery Conveyor

The straight line SmartMove® Food Delivery Conveyor has made a huge comeback as well as it’s two sister conveyors, the Carousel and the Accumulation Conveyor in the hospitality industry. Food is prepared in the kitchen then conveyed out into the restaurant where customers can collect it. By decreasing the number of touches the Covid Virus risk decreases. The only touch is the packer who places the orders on the belt. The Covid Pandemic regulations for food stores and restaurants is something most owners never thought would ever be necessary. The more creative a restaurant can become with production the more likely they will survive this pandemic and the next. From outdoor seating to food delivery conveyors, restaurant owners have to believe the least amount of servers needed the more likely he is to cut back overhead, decrease the chances of Covid and still deliver food.

food assembly conveyorSmartMove® Food Assembly Conveyor

A cruise ship’s Sous- Chef creates 1,200 salads per sitting using SmartMove Conveyor’s Food Assembly Conveyor to keep production pace. He builds the salads on a conveyor that runs 12 hours a day serving the entire cruise ship passengers. This food conveyor system is used as a moving assembly that keeps the workers on task with pace and individual items to build the named salad. All 1,200 salads are identical until the next seating. The passengers collect the salads from a carousel conveyor; the salads that are left on the carousel will be collected the next time around by those who want a second.  The Food Delivery Conveyor offers all stainless bearings, FDA approved materials and all anodized frames. The “plug-n-play conveyor” is an easy order!  Open the box, place the legs and belt on and plug her in!  ​

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