Over Under Conveyor - Heavy Duty Construction

This Heavy Duty Over-Under SmartMove® Conveyor is used for a lights out plug & play robot interface. Machine shop industry uses this Over-Under Smart Conveyor for loading parts onto the top conveyor for CNC machining. After parts are complete, the robot then places them on the lower conveyor to exit the cell. after parts are complete, the robot then places them on lower conveyor to exit cell. This custom conveyor was built for heavy duty loads with thick pinned belting, machined sprockets & robust legs. This system features various integrated functions:

  • Robot Interface
  • Accumulation
  • Multi-Level
  • Multi-Lane
  • Return Conveyor

This robotic conveyor system performs many different operations for a complete automation operation. Look no further than SmartMove® Conveyors for un-manned machining at it’s best.

Call SmartMove® Conveyors at 800.581.2876 to order a custom conveyor system for your operation now.

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