How To Use Snap Link SmartMove® Conveyor Belting

Designed For Easy Repair & Maintenance

Smartmove Conveyor’s proprietary snap together plastic chain belting allows for easy maintenance and fast repair due to it’s link by link construction. Our snap link conveyor belting is easy to clean up, assemble, disassemble or to patch. There is no need to replace an entire belt, just replace any damaged piece(s) or section.

How to Assemble and Dis-Assemble:

SmartMove’s easy snap link system allows for modular conveyors to be added to or shortened.

The snap links allow for easy removal of belting for cleaning or adding flights.

If a section should get damaged just snap that link out- replace it with a 3″ or 6″ link, retaining the same pattern.

Replacing a snap link belt is a simple task. The words “SmartMove” should come towards you right side up when installing a replacement belt.

A patch kit is sent with every conveyor as well as an owners manual to assist in this process, as shown in the video below.

For easy disassembly, just pinch the two sections together and release. A screw driver may be needed to assist in this process but it takes little effort or strength to release the snap link system.

Call: 800.581.2876 if any further assistance is needed.

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