SmartMove® Over Under Robotic Feed Conveyor System

This over-under conveyor is used for a robotic feed cell. The raw material is loaded onto the SmartMove® infeed conveyor (top). The robot then feeds the CNC machine, while the lane separators keep all parts in line. This helps direct the robot to the right part, thereby eliminating the need for a vision system. The completed part is then placed on the outfeed conveyor (bottom). This facilitates a true “lights out” machining operation. This robotic conveyor system is useful in many different operations for a complete automation operation, saving space & eliminating labor. This is un-manned machining at its best.

Automated Conveyor Systems

Automation interface expertise is why SmartMove® smart engineered conveyors should be your choice over other conveyor companies. Our partnership with AMA Engineering ensures your complete satisfaction, as both companies stand behind every system we manufacture. Call 800.581.2876 to order a custom conveyor system for your operation

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