SmartMove® Incline Conveyor for Pharmacy Fulfillment Operation

Pharmacy Fullfillment

Long Line – Incline – Dual Lane – Multi-Level – 90 Degree Turn – Stackable

This long line conveyor was custom designed for pharmacy fulfillment operations. This system is a must when one line just won’t do. Modular features include: incline, dual lane, multi level & 90 degree turn. All features work together to save time, reduce strain on employees and improve the safety of work conditions. This conveyor system allows pharmacy order production to increase while liabilities and costs are decreased.


Custom Engineering for Work Flow Automation

AMA Engineering provides “Smart” Automation for all systems that we build. When you place your order for a conveyor with us, a team of engineers from AMA Engineering will be assigned to work closely with your staff to analyze and automate your work flow process. All of our conveyors are custom engineered to your exact specifications and there is no extra cost for custom engineering services. Call 1-800-581-2876 for a quick quote now.


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