Modular Conveyor Systems

Modular designed, aluminum frame plastic chain belt conveyors ​are the most cost effective solution for material handling. The flexibility of configurations for SmartMove® Conveyors allow you to mix and match the modules and sections to create a simple horizontal conveyor, 90 degree turn, accumulation, sorting, counting, indexing or singulation system. The strong, lightweight plastic chain belting reduces manufacturing cost while adding the benefits of easy repair, washability and conformity to sanitary medical standards (with microban option). While plastic conveyors are the most economical, they are also quite durable and can handle heavy loads, while also tolerating extremes of heat and cold. Our ability to pre-engineer components from start to finish, under one roof allows for fast design, manufacture to order and quick shipment, from order to fulfillment.

Our conveying systems complete various processes so the operator doesn’t have to, like 90 degree turn transfer, product orientation, labeling, stamping & boxing. Modular conveyors can be broken down into different conveyor lines as your process changes. Straight lines quickly break down into 90 degree turns.

Custom Conveyors

Our plastic snap link chain belt modular conveyors are easy to setup as each system is shipped out plug & play ready. As your business grows, so can your conveyor lines. Let Smartmove® grow with your business today.

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