Modular Carousel Conveyor System

carousel conveyor modular sections

carousel conveyor for parts
Modular Carousel Conveyor Experts

Carousel Conveyors are used for accumulation of parts. The conveyor belts travel in opposite directions, both can have different speed ratios and run at different speeds. Mostly used for assembly the little accumulation conveyor gets the job done in small limited spaces. A 10′ line running (2) belts within one frame allows for 20′ of accumulation. SmartMove® is the leader in the Modular Carousel Conveyor market. Needing to straighten the line- the modular conveyor can be converted to a one lane or two lanes traveling in the same direction. When space is an issue let SmartMove® do the job of collecting  and accumulating until the assembly can be finished. Used for drying, cooling or just waiting for the job to be complete.

Accumulation & Circulation Facilitates Packaging

Carousel Conveyors are also called Accumulation Conveyors because the product accumulates as it circulates. This process is particularly helpful when assembly does not have to be done immediately and can be completed in stages. The stage of assembly or the wait/cue is the accumulation. Parts also accumulate for easy packaging. Watch it work:

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