​Multi Level Medical Conveyor System For Pharmacy Order Fulfillment

SmartMove® is the leader in Pharmaceutical Conveyors especially multi level systems that are lightweight, modular and energy efficient. ​ Over-Under/Pharmacy Conveyors are made easy with SmartMove’s lean, fast track pharm tech line. The conveyor work area is the top level; the bottom level is the return tote conveyor bringing back the empty tote to the front of the line. The lines can also be turned the opposite way and run two levels of pharmaceutical goods if the fulfillment center is extra busy. Many pharmacies use Multi-Level conveyors to enhance production schedules or to determine the level of urgency. SmartMove is the leader in pharmacy and medical conveyors, using  FDA belting and clean motors to pull the line with no grease, oils or lubricants. The washdown belts are perfect for food and drug applications.

Custom Engineered Conveyor Systems

When one level isn’t enough, a Multi-Level SmartMove® Conveyor is the best solution when floor space is an issue. Labor hours are also greatly reduced as workers no longer need to walk orders across the room. SmartMove® will custom engineer a modular Long Line Conveyor system for any application.  Keep your product/production moving with a SmartMove® Multi-Level Conveyor.

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