SmartMove® Conveyor Belt Link Removal - How To

How Easy is Maintenance to a SmartMove® Conveyor System?

No need for lubrication or re-lacing. After several years you may need to take out a row or two. When you do, the link removal process with a SmartMove® Conveyors belt is easy and fast. The Snap link belting system is easily removed for cleaning, removing a section or a row of links. After a number of years the belt will slightly stretch. This stretch will create a slight jump in belting. That means it’s time to remove a row of links. If you can use a screwdriver you can remove a row of links. SmartMove’s snap link ESD belting makes this hassle free maintenance possible. SmartMove®’s easy snap link system allows for modular conveyor belting to be added to or shortened as needed, as well as replaced if needed.

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